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Denver, CO, 80223







Kristen Bland | Owner | lighting designer


Kristen's passion for design came at a very young age due in large part to the environment in which she was raised. Her father is the owner of a high end custom home building company and her mom is the interior designer for the same company. Kristen became interested in all aspects of design very early on. She graduated in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Colorado and received much of her experience while working at a commercial and residential design firm. Later in her career she worked at Liesl Lighting where she found her love for lighting. Liesl Lighting gave her great experience in lighting design, specification, and product knowledge.  Kristen founded FUSION Light and Design in early 2009 and continues to work on commercial and residential projects.



Tammy Kluver ghiai | LIGHTING Designer | key accounts Manager


Tammy has been interested in building things ever since she could grasp blocks. Born and raised in Oregon, Tammy remembers watching her father start and successfully run his own construction management company and build homes from the ground up. A seed was planted and after graduating from Oregon State University, Tammy moved to San Diego and began her career in Interior Design.  Five years and another degree later, she realized she had to live closer to the mountains and moved to Denver to indulge in her personal love for snowboarding. Once in Denver, Tammy’s planted seed came into full bloom as she traveled around the globe as a Project Manager for Nike overseeing the comprehensive installation of Nike Brand retail shops.

With her extensive experience in Project Management and Commercial Interior Design, Tammy joins the FUSION team as our Design Manager. She leads our team to get projects done right, from start to finish.

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Rachel Hartman | LIGHTING DESIGNER  


Rachel Hartman has always had a passion for art and design.  She graduated in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Colorado in 2005 and has been working in design and art since then.  Over the past two years she started to focus on lighting, realizing that it is often an overlooked area of the design process.  Since then she has put all her creative energy and knowledge into becoming a lighting expert!

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Keri Dornbusch has been interested in lighting ever since she started her career in interior design 20 years ago.  Since the beginning of her design exploration, she has grown to be an experienced designer through hard work and dedication.  She graduated from design school with a degree in interior design, and she has used those tools in order to satisfy the needs of her clients and business partners.  As a primarily residential designer, she takes pride in what she does and creates to the best of her ability.  As a born Midwestern, creating a working environment that produces productivity is at the top of her list.  With experience in customer affairs, Keri is easy to work with and always has a positive attitude towards our customers. 

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20170402_142021 (2).jpg

Jeff Leese was born in New Mexico and moved to Colorado in 1982.  Having a father and two uncles who are architects, he was raised being dragged around the country on family vacations to look at buildings, spaces, facades, interiors, and was clearly impacted by this when he went into lighting in 1991.  Initially cutting his teeth on lighting and lighting sales in Denver, in 1996 he moved to Basalt, Colorado and immersed himself in the world of Lighting Design, working on all manner of projects up and down the Roaring Fork Valley, including Aspen and Snowmass Village until he moved back to Denver in 2001.  Jeff firmly believes that as an element of construction and design, good lighting is often over-looked while still being one of the most critical aspects of design; that lighting is the best supporting actor to the ‘stars’ of any home or space – countertops, cabinetry, vaulted ceilings, exposed beam-work, textured walls or fireplaces, artwork and other appointments.  Jeff enjoys working with clients to create the atmosphere that they can see in their minds eye as their finished product.

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kristen benhart | LIGHTING DESIGNER 

KB Headshot.jpg

Kristen’s passion for lighting design traces back to her love of all things interior design-related, hence her focus on residential projects. She hails from Texas but moved to Colorado to indulge her love of the outdoors. When she’s not playing kickball, she’s hiking the many trails around Denver. Her friendly demeanor and positivity are a few of the reasons that Kristen is such a great asset to the FUSION team.

Contact Kristen at:


roni zagoria | LIGHTING DESIGNER 

Roni (2).jpg

Roni Zagoria is an interior designer and musician originally from Georgia. Her bohemian lifestyle has taken her to live all over the country including South Carolina, New Orleans, Hawaii, and finally Colorado in 2007. Her creative nature led her to attend Arapahoe Community College for Interior Design where she quickly developed a fascination with lighting in design due to the incredible impact it can have in a space. Whether she’s performing around Denver or designing in any capacity, Roni is always striving to inspire and to be inspired.

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Anna (2).jpg

Anna is a Wisconsin transplant, she received a degree in Interior Architecture and followed the family tradition of working in the building and lighting industries. After spending two years in a lighting showroom and deciding to relocate to Denver, she thought she’d try her hand at interior design-but soon realized she missed the challenging technical aspect of lighting. Enamored with Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle, Anna is thrilled to begin her career with FUSION, grow her lighting expertise, and enjoy everything Denver has to offer!.

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Marissa egly | lighting DESIGNER

Marissa found a passion for remodeling and restoration at an early age as her childhood home was essentially an ongoing remodel project. It seemed only natural to harness her lifelong love of design and make a career of it. She graduated from FRCC with a degree in Interior design with a focus on kitchen and bath design. She has been working in the lighting industry for the past five years and is excited to join the FUSION team. Marissa is a firm believer that lighting alone can either make a break even the best designs, making the integration of a quality lighting design absolutely crucial to the process as a whole. She is the first team member to be working primarily out of our Windsor office, an ideal central location to all of the residential and commercial growth that is currently occurring in northern Colorado.

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Amanda price | lighting designer


Amanda is a Colorado native with three plus years of experience in the commercial design industry.  Amanda earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design at Colorado State University.  Amanda has a unique foundation of experience with a background in A&D sales and architectural design.  Lighting has always been a part of Amanda’s passion for design, she is eager to dive into all the technical avenues lighting design offers as she begins her career at FUSION.  Amanda enjoys working on both commercial and residential projects.  She lives for enhancing the day to day life of her clients by improving the environment around them.


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dian oatman| lighting designer

Dian (2).jpg

Dian is the newest member of the FUSION Light and Design team for the Colorado Springs office.  Born in the Caribbean on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Dian moved to North Carolina in 1999 after meeting her husband.  Nine years later her husband was reassigned to Fort Carson, Colorado. We are ecstatic about Dian joining the FUSION team.  Dian holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of The West Indies and worked as a Human Resources Officer and Insurance Marketing Executive in her home country.  After moving to Colorado, Dian discovered her passion for lighting in 2012 while working for Austin Bluffs Lighting. Her pursuit of this passion is evidenced in her earning the certification of American Lighting Association (ALA) Lighting Specialist in one year and she continues her efforts to become an ALA Certified Lighting Consultant.  Dian has accumulated seven years of custom home, semi-custom, remodel, and commercial experience and is certified and capable of creating a lighting design plan from blueprint.   Dian’s satisfaction comes through the happiness of her clients as she guides the process from design through to the ultimate joy of project completion, creating spaces that are timeless.

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